Hello, my name is Michelle Wyatt, and I am a blogger. I never imagined that I would be joining this new world when I purchased my first notebook at the dollar store. But God had something wonderful in store for me, and I give Him all of the glory and praise. I simply started to journal my thoughts and feelings. For a long time, I assumed that my writings would remain private, but the Lord had other plans. He gave me inspiration to write both prose and poetry that I hope will inspire and encourage you. I will do my best to post content at least once a week, so please check back for new postings. The name of the blog has a significant meaning. A beacon is another name for a lighthouse, which gives guidance. A lampstand is a pillar, tripod, or stand for supporting or holding a lamp (according to Webster’s Dictionary). My purpose for creating this blog is to write and share inspirational prose and poetry. Soon I will post information about a devotional that I have written that can be purchased directly from my site. Thank you for reading my blog posts.