Just Like Me

Just Like Me is about an African American kid whose family instills within him positive words about himself. The main character acknowledges the characteristics of his family and of nature, then in turn, relates them to his own personal characteristics. This story is one of personal affirmation and moral character.


Prayers, Poetry and Prose: A Reflection of Life

Book Cover: Prayers, Poetry and Prose: A Reflection of Life

Prayers, Poetry and Prose is a compilation of personal reflections from the author, Michelle Wyatt. As we go through life, sometimes it is good for the soul, body, and mind to reflect. Many have their own way of doing this. Your story may not be your neighbor's story, but we all have a story. However you choose to reflect, Prayers, Poetry and Prose will encourage you to do so through encouraging and heart warming writings.


31 Day Soul Food Devotional

Read and journal your way to spiritual and emotional healing and rejuvenation. Give your soul the spiritual food that you need for wholeness and health. "31 Day Soul Food Devotional" offers daily readings of prose and poetry, as well as scriptural text for your devotional time. After each devotion, there are engaging questions and space for your to journal.

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