For one moment, I would like to examine the nature of Karma. Karma is defined as the sum of a person’s actions, ultimately deciding the fate for the future. I do not believe in Karma.If Karma were true, then the system of oppression that some people have faced for years would finally rule in favor of their innocence. If Karma were true, than my grandmother who worked until the day that she died serving others would have been able to purchase and live in her own home instead of public housing built on contaminated grounds. If Karma were true,then men who carried hate in their hearts and tikki torches, and who burned crosses on lawns would find it necessary to deal with an unfortunate fate.

If Karma were true, then men and women who perform stressful and dangerous jobs for minimum wage would get paid what they are worth. If Karma were true, then mothers and fathers who desire to clothe and feed their children would have what they need, including adequate shelter, but Karma is not real. Karma is a fictional characterization of Justice. We as a society want to pretend that all of the good and bad that is happening is a result of the sum of the actions of an individual or a group of people. This is only partially true.

Justice consists of moral scales presented in the very throne room of God. For true justice to transfer from heaven’s throne room to this earthly kingdom, God needs willing vessels, as stated in 2 Corinthians 4:7 “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.” His vessels are those who will embody God’s nature and character. He needs people who will put down their own agendas (politically included) to carry the cross. As I listen to more rhetoric about the election, my heart has become heavy because I can see where we are headed. On one hand, we are about to embark upon the greatest display of God’s glory that this world has ever seen. On the other hand, we are seeing immoral displays of deceit and corruption from random groups of people who want their way no matter what the cost. What is the cost of justice? Many have laid down their life for the sake of justice. Some have been mocked and scorned for believing in it.

In conclusion, we characterize justice as a woman carrying balances, how ironic. Some may even think that this suggests that justice is weak. I know deep down within that the entire world is about to witness the strength and authority of God’s true justice, and we will welcome her with open arms.

Amos 5:24

“But let justice run down like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream.”