Upon your back, you carried a nation who often ignored your significant contributions.

Shrouding the light from the fire in your eyes with a false narrative of your relentless strength.

You carried within your bosom the uncanny ability to discipline your genteel feminist prowess,

While simultaneously blazing the historic trail, much like the Topi antelope.


You are the consummate woman warrior queen who wields her sword in a manner that some call offensive,

But many find refreshing.

You defied the odds by decimating the status quo, then raising the standards for new levels of decency and honor.

Thank you, Ida B. Wells, Harriet Tubman, and Aruna Asaf Ali, because of your acts of selflessness, a revolution was ignited that brought about social changes for all of mankind.


It amazes me to think that you did this all while caring for your families.

You willingly accepted the tasks that no man chose.

So, thank you, Nancy Ward, Delores Huerta, Anne Frank, and Winne Mandela.


The hardships that you have endured as good soldiers opened doors for many.

You risked death, ridicule, and harassment.

From the sweat of your brow, you helped to balance the scales of injustice.

Though the untraveled terrain was rugged, and the road was long and unpredictable,

you stayed the course.


Today, we honor you all, even those whose names were not mentioned,

You will forever hold a space in our hearts.  Thank you, Thank you.