Spoken word by Michelle Wyatt

You told us that we were “essential workers,” when for years, the things that you considered essential were non-essential in our neighborhoods. Simple things like clean water, food, shelter, good health, and a good education: things that some take for granted were sometimes unavailable.

For some, quarantine is like a vacation at the spa, or club med. Tell me, how safe is it to quarantine when you have 3 small children at home, and a lack of “the essentials”?

We gave what was essential to those who were non-essential. They took what we gave, making us tools to be used at their discretion and nothing more than slaves.

We’ve been walking through life with blinders on our eyes, what we thought was a blessing was a curse in disguise. But Lord, you have given us a chance to come out of isolation, and have placed in us words to build up your holy nation. The harvest is plenteous, but the laborers are few. God is teaching His children just what we should do.

The workers who have moved your fields are crying in the streets. Their cries have reached the ears of God, and now He is ready to speak. We should not withhold good from those whom it is due. Stop saying “Come back tomorrow and I’ll give it to you.”

COVID-19 is only exacerbating the real problem. Our pockets are empty, and our children are solemn. So come out of isolation and let’s make the wrongs right. God has given us His promise, He will not lose this fight. His word is true, He has opened up the door. Stop hiding the real issues and provide for the poor.

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