Written by Michelle Wyatt

Father forgive me because sometimes, my head supersedes my heart.

When I want to get closer, complications make us further apart.

Forgive me for my thoughts.  Only you know what lies truly within.  The tests and trials of this world may cause me to sin.

Trauma and broken promises from man make me lose sight of your plan.

When I get distracted, forgive me.  I want to see your light.

Please Lord, guide me through this night, because I am afraid.

I know you said that there is no reason to fear, but the mortgage note just came here.

Direct my paths; show me which way to go. Oh no! My boss just told me that work may be slow.

I am going to build myself up on my most holy faith, praying in the Spirit. That is the language God understands when he hears it.

Somehow, the path has grown more clear.  I can feel the spirit drawing near.

I am feeling confident, more secure, your word is helping me to endure.  All of this because I asked you for forgiveness.

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