The platitude of my attitude is mixed with warfare. love, and a history of pain.  I too sing America,
but, enough virtue signaling, that is not what this poem is about.

I want to talk about freedom. The sweet joy of victory, liberty bells, and open roads.
Swing down chariot and let me ride. Don’t you wanna go?

Freedom can be found, even if you’ve been locked in invisible chains, don’t believe me? Just look at those wild horses running toward the sun. They have no saddles, and they make no excuses. They just ride, exhibiting heroic exploits and strength despite thoughts of  becoming domesticated.

We’ve been calling on Lady Liberty to raise her hand to help us break the chains of injustice, but she is just a statue who cannot hear or see. She is a symbol of freedom, like red, white and blue and fireworks.

If I only had wings to fly like the eagle, I’d break others free from their chains too.
I can’t fly, but I can write, and with the help of the cross, we can collectively be free. 

Now, let justice roll down like water and righteousness like an ever flowing stream. Let freedom ring!