I’m in the fight of my life from a political hack job.
Problems so deep it would make your head throb.

They don’t care who gets hurt, they’ll have you pushing up daisies.
Six feet under the ground, this life is crazy.

Calling wrong right and right wrong, you know the deal.
Claiming they make a difference while they plunder and steal.

Manipulating the economy like a puppet master.
Causing some money to deflate while theirs grows faster.

Dividing the nations for money and power.
While the rich get richer by the hour.

Smiles winks and handshakes is all it takes.
The poor are stealing canned meat, while they eat steaks.

They say, “Work harder,” been there done that.
All of their excuses are old hat.

The people try to unite cause things ain’t right.
Who is the ring master controlling the fight?

Love comes back hard while blood spills.
Their only viable solution is to take a pill.

Momas cry while shots are fired.
Please help us God, we’re all tired.