Written by Michelle Wyatt

“I can’t breathe.” ” Why not?”, inquired Beelzebub in blue, as was asked by so many while assuming the role of both judge and jury; snatching the precious life that his mother and God gave him.

He was a king, a royal priest, tracked down and murdered like a canine in the street. A life undeserving of the hate that he encountered.

“I can’t breathe.” Said he, as he was juxtaposed between two worlds, one full of conflict, the other gates of pearls.

He cried out for his mama. She waited and watched from her heavenly home, knowing it would be her son this time who would pay the ultimate price.

The cameras were rolling, and the entire world witnessed, just like the last bronze prince who was slain for no reason.

Too many beautiful soldiers; we can’t call them all by name: George Floyd…, Eric Garner…, Michael Brown…, Freddie Gray…, Sandra Bland…, and Breonna Taylor, just to name a few.

Please! Let us breathe! We are wailing in the streets. We are gasping for some air, and we need some relief.

We have children, we have mothers, we have sisters and brothers who desperately need the care that we give.

Officer, we can’t breathe. Please let us live!

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