Genesis 8:22
As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.

The Lord speaks, and nature automatically responds to His voice. From the beginning, He has established the following on this earth: family, the church, day and night, and seedtime and harvest. Notice how all of these establishments are being threatened by the enemy. Most importantly, the enemy desires to take the voice of the believer because he knows that God created His children on this earth to take dominion. How do we take our proper place? We do this with the words of our mouth, just like our Father.
The devil is making every attempt to steal, kill, and to destroy. As we speak, crops and cattle are being destroyed by drought. Families are being destroyed by hate. The church is being destroyed by greed and lust, and our days and nights are being consumed with evil reports of wars and rumors of wars (in our streets, and around the world.)  As a believer of Jesus Christ, I take authority over this destruction, I declare that the destruction must cease. I plead the blood of Jesus over all crops and seeds of the earth. I declare harvest will come in the mighty name of Jesus.
I speak life and love to all of the families of the earth. I speak over the children that each and every child will be safe. Lord, watch over them as they go to school. We bind and destroy every arrow that the enemy tries to send their way, in the name of Jesus. Keep them from destruction, and allow their minds to grow, and let them develop in their character.  Give each child food to eat, and a warm safe place to stay in the name of Jesus.
Now Lord, we speak over the church. We decree and declare that every shepard will be one sent by you, not a hireling, but real men and women of God who hear your voice, and do your will. We speak to the people of God, that you would strengthen each and everyone; mind, body, and spirit. Lord heal all of our wounds, and forgive us all of our sin. Moreover, make us one in you in the name of Jesus.
Finally, we come against the spirit of lack. We declare that there are more than enough resources on this earth to take care of your children. As long as there is a planet earth, there will be seedtime, and harvest. I bind the voices that speak lack and doubt. We will not fear, because you are with us. Your rod and your staff protects us all. Lord, thank you for the seed, and thank you for the harvest, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.