Lana Smith was gifted a jacket that was so special.  It sparkled; it really did.  The Jacket had a large red and yellow flower on the back of it made with glitter.  When she wore it, she shined, just like that flower.  Mom gave it to her for her 6th birthday last year.  The jacket made Lana so happy, she wore it everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  She wore it to the grocery store, to the soccer game, and she wore it to her grandmother’s house for Christmas.  Lana even wore the jacket to take out the trash.  One night, she wore the jacket to bed over her pajamas.  She was obsessed because she believed that the jacket gave her superpowers.

One day Lana wore her jacket to school.  The teacher, Mrs. Stilts asked everyone who brought a bag lunch to raise their hand, so she did.  When her hand went up in the air, she felt very uncomfortable.  The sleeves of her jacket felt tight, and they did not cover her entire arm.  The next day, Lana wore her sparkly jacket to play outside, but she felt cold air around her stomach.  She looked down and noticed that her jacket was a bit too small.  Lana was sad to go home and tell her mother.  “Mommy,” said Lana “Do you think that you can find a jacket just like this one, but in a different size?”  “I was trying to find a way to talk to you about your favorite jacket,” said mom.  “I bought you a new purple jacket from the department store today.  Try it on, it should be just the right fit.”  Lana tried on the plain purple jacket.  Her mom was right, the jacket was just her size, but Lana was so sad that she no longer had a flower on her back that sparkled and glittered.

Lana wore the new jacket to school the next day.  No one gave her compliments.  She felt plain.  Instead of wearing the jacket to recess, Lana put the jacket in her cubby.  She felt cold and uncomfortable without her sparkly jacket, like she lost all of her superpowers.  At home that night, Lana did her chores, and went straight to her bedroom.  She didn’t even feel like watching her favorite television show.  Lana’s mom noticed that Lana was feeling melancholy.  Then she had an idea.  “Lana,” she said, “Can you please give me both your old jacket and your new one?”  “Sure,” said Lana.  She gave both jackets to her mother and went back into her room.

The next day, Lana woke up for school, got dressed and went into the kitchen.  She noticed her new jacket on the back of the kitchen chair.  She picked it up to put it on, but she noticed something different about the jacket.  Mom sewed the old flower from the old jacket on to the new purple jacket.  Lana was so excited that she was jumping up and down.  “Oh, mommy thank you so much, you just made my day.  This jacket is even better than the old one.”  Lana went to school with her new jacket on, and she didn’t take it off all day, she felt like supergirl again.