Parents, Teachers, Districts, the lessons listed are for the book, Jada Got the Bear.   Please challenge your students to read and complete one lesson per day to keep regression of skills at bay.  The lessons and the downloads are free. All I ask is that you kindly please give me honest reviews of the book and the lessons on the platforms where you purchase the book. 

Thank you, 

Michelle C. H. Wyatt

Intro for teachers and parents

Lesson 1, chapter 1

Full Excerpt for chapter 1

Lesson 2, chapter 2

Lesson 3, chapter 3

Lesson 4, chapter 4

Lesson 5, chapter 5

Lesson 6, chapter 6

Lesson 7, chapter 7

Lesson 8, chapter 8

Lesson 9, chapter 9

Lesson 10, chapter 10

Lesson11, chapter 11

Lesson 12, chapter 12  

Lesson 13, chapter 13  

Lesson 14, chapter 14  

Lesson 15, chapter 15  

Jada Teacher guide

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