Written by Michelle Wyatt

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Your’re coming out of this pit. You’re coming out of this pit.

The enemy has tried so many tricks, it makes me want to spit.

He’s tried to steal your identity and fight a war against your gift.

No longer will he rob and steal because the Lord is causing a shift.

Stay humble, stay loving, hold on to your faith.

Keep seeking, keep believing, God is giving you His grace.

You’re a David, you’re a Gideon, mighty warriors for Christ.

You’re a Deborah, you’re an Ester, He’ll get the glory from your life.

Every trial, every heart ache, He only wants to heal.

All of His promises and His purposes, He is going to reveal.

So bow before Him, just adore Him. Let your heart and actions collide.

Rest assured He’ll give you peace, under His shelter you’ll provide.

So keep confessing, keep believing. He is opening that door.

Keep your stance, there is no chance that He will lose this war.

Just like Joseph, you’re coming out, and God will get the glory.

I declare today that you are coming out, so you can tell your story!

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