A small seed with the potential to transform into a tall oak tree.

Maintaining the tradition of strength and resilience, while soaking up all

of that sunshine and rain. Your limbs are spread so wide, that your leaves

naturally wave with each cool breeze.

This poem is for the little black girl in you.

Your wide brown eyes have witnessed the rise and fall of nations,

leaving you with no choice but to seemingly slow your own progress.

The inner voice of your creator convinced you that your uniqueness

made you shine.

You were destined for brilliance, the same way that the sunlight reflects

on autumn leaves, revealing their new colors.  Your gifts make people

smile, so know your worth. You are like a shade on a hot, sunny day, sharing

what you have with others.

I see your true value, do you?

Hold on to your dreams, and always remember…

Count your blessings.

Learn your lessons.

Stop stressing, and keep on pressing to become the strong, tall, oak

you were meant to be.