Hack Job by Michelle C. H. Wyatt


I’m in the fight of my life from a political hack job.
Problems so deep it would make your head throb.

They don’t care who gets hurt, they’ll have you pushing up daisies.
Six feet under the ground, this life is crazy.

Calling wrong right and right wrong, you know the deal.

Hack Job by Michelle C. H. Wyatt2022-08-02T14:49:10-04:00

Oak Trees (Life’s Lessons) by Michelle C. H. Wyatt


A small seed with the potential to transform into a tall oak tree.

Maintaining the tradition of strength and resilience, while soaking up all

of that sunshine and rain. Your limbs are spread so wide, that your leaves

naturally wave with each cool breeze.

This poem is for the little black girl in you.

Your wide brown eyes have witnessed the […]

Oak Trees (Life’s Lessons) by Michelle C. H. Wyatt2022-06-30T15:23:57-04:00

You’re Coming Out of This Pit!


Written by Michelle Wyatt

Ring, Print, Stamp, Jewelry, Emerald

Your’re coming out of this pit. You’re coming out of this pit.

The enemy has tried so many tricks, it makes me want to spit.

He’s tried to steal […]

You’re Coming Out of This Pit!2021-03-25T17:58:00-04:00

Father Forgive Me- An Excerpt from 31 Day Soul Food Devotional


Written by Michelle Wyatt

Father forgive me because sometimes, my head supersedes my heart.

When I want to get closer, complications make us further apart.

Forgive me for my thoughts.  Only you know what lies truly within.  The tests and trials of this world may […]

Father Forgive Me- An Excerpt from 31 Day Soul Food Devotional2021-03-25T17:58:19-04:00

My Prayer


Written by Michelle Wyatt

Unclutter my mind, let me cling to the vine. You are my source and protection.

Level the mountains and straighten the paths, give me divine direction.

Be my rod and my staff, while I am walking through life. I […]

My Prayer2021-03-25T17:58:31-04:00

Confessions of an Essential Worker


Spoken word by Michelle Wyatt

You told us that we were “essential workers,” when for years, the things that you considered essential were non-essential in our neighborhoods. Simple things like clean water, food, shelter, good health, and a good education: things that some […]

Confessions of an Essential Worker2021-03-25T17:58:39-04:00

My Life Matters Too


Written by Michelle Wyatt

I get it, the need to unify because the “dominant culture” has historically considered black and brown people all around the world as less than human; nothing more than mere cattle to be used […]

My Life Matters Too2021-03-25T17:58:56-04:00

The Decree


Prophetic word

I decree and declare the word of the Lord over your life and the life of your family.

The word is so intentional, that God sent a message to you from me.

He wants to let you know that He has a […]

The Decree2021-03-25T17:59:02-04:00

Speak It


Spoken word by Michelle Wyatt

Inspiring words have forged my reality. Nikki Giovanni captivated me with “Truth Is On It’s Way.” I’ve never met her, but we go way back, vinyl scratched records played […]

Speak It2021-03-25T17:59:08-04:00

I Can’t Breathe


Written by Michelle Wyatt

“I can’t breathe.” ” Why not?”, inquired Beelzebub in blue, as was asked by so many while assuming the role of both judge and jury; snatching the precious life that his mother and God gave him.

He was a king, a royal priest, tracked […]

I Can’t Breathe2021-03-25T17:59:23-04:00
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