Purpose in Pain by Michelle C. H. Wyatt


I am waring in the spirit for my promise.
Though sometimes, I am alone with feelings of isolation, I contend for the prize.

Wars are won by fighting small battles.
They determine the relevancy of the individual right to exist without unreasonable limitations.

My bloody hands disclose the battle scars.
Pressing through […]

Purpose in Pain by Michelle C. H. Wyatt2024-06-13T07:44:28-04:00



We are unsuspected embodiments of God’s greatest gifts and instruments of his praise and glory. We walk as soldiers in a hostile world wondrously displaying our own unique feathers, similar to that of a peacock.

Isn’t it criminal to walk past a sunrise without recognition of our Creator’s glorious display? Yet, we often […]




To the beautiful angelic armies who forgo business suits to strap on military boots.
Our patriots are to be honored, not to be brushed aside into a sea of forgetfulness.
It is often the unknown names and faces who bear the cross and the pain of freedom.

May you ever be adorned and […]


Praise Baby Praise by Michelle C. H. Wyatt


Praise baby praise for all of your days.

You were created to give God praise.

Look at your face, so tender and sweet.

God made your hands, legs, and your cute little feet.

When the praises go up, God’s blessings will come down.

We will sing God’s praises all over town.

Look at the bees and the flowers that God made.

He created […]

Praise Baby Praise by Michelle C. H. Wyatt2023-08-22T19:04:12-04:00

Woman, Warrior Queen: an excerpt from Prayers, Poetry and Prose


Upon your back, you carried a nation who often ignored your significant contributions.

Shrouding the light from the fire in your eyes with a false narrative of your relentless strength.

You carried within your bosom the uncanny ability to discipline your genteel feminist prowess,

While simultaneously blazing the historic trail, much like the Topi antelope.


You are the consummate woman […]

Woman, Warrior Queen: an excerpt from Prayers, Poetry and Prose2023-08-09T20:15:32-04:00

Freedom by Michelle C. H. Wyatt


The platitude of my attitude is mixed with warfare. love, and a history of pain.  I too sing America,
but, enough virtue signaling, that is not what this poem is about.

I want to talk about freedom. The sweet joy of victory, liberty bells, and open roads.
Swing down chariot and let […]

Freedom by Michelle C. H. Wyatt2023-07-04T18:59:52-04:00

Stand Out


Manifold colors, merging ever so cautiously.

Each one capturing it’s hue in its own light, maintaining a sanctity given by the creator.

Every tone manifesting God Himself.

We live in a world where too many are satisfied with the mundane.

“Be safe,” they say, “Keep it neutral,” but neutrality does not express the passion that burns within.

Nor does it spark […]

Stand Out2023-11-07T23:39:43-05:00

Hack Job by Michelle C. H. Wyatt


I’m in the fight of my life from a political hack job.
Problems so deep it would make your head throb.

They don’t care who gets hurt, they’ll have you pushing up daisies.
Six feet under the ground, this life is crazy.

Calling wrong right and right wrong, you know the deal.

Hack Job by Michelle C. H. Wyatt2022-08-02T14:49:10-04:00

Oak Trees (Life’s Lessons) by Michelle C. H. Wyatt


A small seed with the potential to transform into a tall oak tree.

Maintaining the tradition of strength and resilience, while soaking up all

of that sunshine and rain. Your limbs are spread so wide, that your leaves

naturally wave with each cool breeze.

This poem is for the little black girl in you.

Your wide brown eyes have witnessed the […]

Oak Trees (Life’s Lessons) by Michelle C. H. Wyatt2022-06-30T15:23:57-04:00

You’re Coming Out of This Pit!


Written by Michelle Wyatt

Ring, Print, Stamp, Jewelry, Emerald

Your’re coming out of this pit. You’re coming out of this pit.

The enemy has tried so many tricks, it makes me want to spit.

He’s tried to steal […]

You’re Coming Out of This Pit!2021-03-25T17:58:00-04:00
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