Jada Got the Bear complete unit with Lessons and videos (Summer Challenge)


Parents, Teachers, Districts, the lessons listed are for the book, Jada Got the Bear.   Please challenge your students to read and complete one lesson per day to keep regression of skills at bay.  The lessons and the downloads are free. All I ask is that you kindly please give me honest reviews of the […]

Jada Got the Bear complete unit with Lessons and videos (Summer Challenge)2024-05-22T11:16:45-04:00

Praise Baby Praise by Michelle C. H. Wyatt


Praise baby praise for all of your days.

You were created to give God praise.

Look at your face, so tender and sweet.

God made your hands, legs, and your cute little feet.

When the praises go up, God’s blessings will come down.

We will sing God’s praises all over town.

Look at the bees and the flowers that God made.

He created […]

Praise Baby Praise by Michelle C. H. Wyatt2023-08-22T19:04:12-04:00

And They Laughed…


Today, God imposed this phrase on my heart,; “And they laughed…” I knew immediately what he was referring to. Laughter, they say is the best medicine. After all, the joy of the Lord is our strength. Laughter has the potential to cure diseases and heal the soul. Laughter is one of the ways that […]

And They Laughed…2023-09-22T08:05:44-04:00

Stand Out


Manifold colors, merging ever so cautiously.

Each one capturing it’s hue in its own light, maintaining a sanctity given by the creator.

Every tone manifesting God Himself.

We live in a world where too many are satisfied with the mundane.

“Be safe,” they say, “Keep it neutral,” but neutrality does not express the passion that burns within.

Nor does it spark […]

Stand Out2023-11-07T23:39:43-05:00

Oak Trees (Life’s Lessons) by Michelle C. H. Wyatt


A small seed with the potential to transform into a tall oak tree.

Maintaining the tradition of strength and resilience, while soaking up all

of that sunshine and rain. Your limbs are spread so wide, that your leaves

naturally wave with each cool breeze.

This poem is for the little black girl in you.

Your wide brown eyes have witnessed the […]

Oak Trees (Life’s Lessons) by Michelle C. H. Wyatt2022-06-30T15:23:57-04:00

Fight or Flight Written by Michelle C. H. Wyatt


An eagle takes flight, unaware of the laws of gravity holding him down, nor of the tempestuous storm controlling the atmosphere. He ascends to his own heaven, high above the storms. The idea of flying has always been in the hearts and minds of our ancestors. While they endured the violence and hardships of […]

Fight or Flight Written by Michelle C. H. Wyatt2022-06-30T15:33:06-04:00

The Slap (Learning Life Lessons)


On Sunday night, I was sitting on my couch, sulking because I could not watch “The Equalizer.” Suddenly, I saw a feed on my phone that broke the monotony of the day. My husband and I viewed the footage of Philadelphia native Will Smith slapping Chris Rock seemingly over a joke about Jada’s hair. […]

The Slap (Learning Life Lessons)2022-03-30T08:46:43-04:00
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